Sincerity, spirit and trustworthiness are our business philosophy that we actually bare in mind. To us, success does not merely mean making more profit, we do not mean to be the big one in this business with the highest billing score; but we strive to be second to none in quality, reliability, sincerity and friendship as the best partner. No matter how the hardness of work and the limit of budget is; we, Brain Avenue always has a smart choice and sincere advise for our clients. That is the reason why rings from them still rung loud here everyday.

Brain Avenue was proudly founded in 1996 by the specialized keymen who are keep in marketing strategy, creativity and production. Owning to their experiences in this career for over 10 years, it is no doubt that's why our work always reflect the harmony of market, science, commercial arts and emotional satisfaction. Brain Avenue, where creativity blossoms, is now expanding business scope, from presentation organizer to Public Relation and IMC consultant. With more teamwork of full function service in house such as marketing, creative, design, production including affiliated international IMC company, the outcome yearly billing has shown increasingly higher.

Should above be a good prove of our performance and trustworthiness,
please call upon Brain Avenue, we would be pleased to be at your service.